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ANICARE NORTH AMERICA is devoted to providing the veterinary and dental professions with tools and educational materials for more effective and, consequently, more profitable practice management. Information for Anicare products and services can be obtained by clicking on each of the product categories in the left-side contents pane.

To order an Anicare product or service, click on the “DiSC® online” link in the left-side contents pane and follow the instructions.

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DiSC Classic® Personal Profile System, Team Dimensions Profile®, and Dimensions of Leadership Profile®

The DiSC Classic® personal profiling System, by Inscape Publishing, Inc., provides valuable insight for veterinary practice administrators and employees by understanding their own and others’ behavioral tendencies for more effective and profitable practice management. Without Positive attitudes, your veterinary practice’s growth can be severely impaired because of personnel conflicts. With positive attitudes, your organization can be more productive and competitive than ever before.

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DiSC Online

To access the DiSC® Online Response Form:
1. Please go to (read the rest of the instructions first).
2. You will be asked to enter an access code number; please enter 035671 and click OK.
3. Fill out the required information and click to continue. It will take a moment for your results to be calculated. The results are automatically submitted to our office via e-mail within just a few seconds.
4. Contact our Cleveland office as soon as possible to arrange payment and to receive your detailed personal profile report:
DiSC® Profile pricing is $58.50 per report. Volume discounts are available.

Self-scoring versions of the DiSC Classic® personal profile system are also available in booklet form at a cost of $25.00. To find out more, please visit the DiSC Classic® Profiles page, available by clicking on the link in the left-hand navigation pane.

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